There are multiple  companies from where you can purchase the items you need, but when it comes to offering a wide range of manufactures and great prices, our offer is truly unbeatable. We have gathered a few reasons in regards to why you should choose a custom build factory which is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

1. Widest range of options

We can build the components to your specification . Shipping up to your door step without any hassels All this at a price comparable to or better than any one.

2. Best prices

Prices are very important when it comes to buy fittings/parts, and we shall bring you the best possible prices in the market. 

3. High performance systems

If you want  high performance accessories, we have the skilled craftsmen  to produce.We select only top quality raw materials in the wide range that we offer.

6. Extended testing

When you buy  from us it will have been thoroughly tested from selecting wood to finishing the product before it is shipped to you. 

8. Warranty

All the products sold are under warranty against any manufacturing defect.